Britt Cannon

Britt Cannon

Artistic Director


I’m from a military family so I had the opportunity to move around my whole childhood.Loved it!


"Actions speak louder than words"


My approach is to come to work with an open and creative mind. My job is to create a style that represents who you are and what you like. I believe your hair is an extension of your personality and your style. It's an exciting challenge to figure out exactly how to create that for you.


I love doing hair! Coloring, cutting, highlighting, blow drying, styling, so many different aspects that all have the same ending; making people feel good. I love being creative if I need to or just staying with a style that works. You never know what's in store for your day. I have been doing this for over 15 years and it's ever evolving, keeping me on my toes, which I love! But the best part about my job is meeting so many interesting people!


The wonderfully awesome person that is in my chair!

Favorite Book:   

I am more of a magazine girl, suits who I am. I also do A LOT of reading online. It's endless and informative.

Favorite Restaurant: 


What I love about ananda: 

I love that ananda is my home away from home. We are family here. I love that I am free to be the stylist I aspire to be, bound by my own limitations. I also love that I am surrounded by such talented people that I continually learn from everyday!