Britt cannon

About Britt:

I grew up in a military family, so I’m an explorative nomad! I love the outdoors and doing everything I can in them! Trail running, hiking, mnt biking, climbing, skiing, and the list goes on….  I have 2 wonderful little furry babies! My cats, Chester and Tron!

What makes your hair brain sing?:

I love that I have been doing hair for nearly 20 years and it is never the same! It is always evolving and ever changing!!! I thrive on variety!

Go-to davines Product:

My go to products change with exploration! So many good ones…. lately its been the Replumping trio!

What YOU love about ananda:

It’s my home away from home! And it feels like family! I also love how I am ALWAYS learning from everyone else!!

Spirit Animal:

I don’t really know what this means…..a cat maybe?!?!