Rachel Stack

About Rachel:

A Midwesterner at heart, I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, and have family all around the Great Lakes.  After Minneapolis, Maine and Tybee Island, GA, I hit upon Asheville and never looked back. Fashion is my passion and I have spent many years pursuing my own design work.  Since having my daughter, I now spend my evenings making doll clothes or repurposing and reworking clothes into new creations my daughter dreams up.

Go-to davines Product: Dry Texture Spray!  Who knew my fine hair could get such a lift.

What YOU love about ananda:

I'm inspired by the true hair artistry created here and the commitment to excellence across the board.  Another inspiration to me is helping to curate the art.  I really enjoy scouting for new art, working with the artists, and I love the aspect of the continually changing environment the art creates in the salon.

Spirit Animal:

A Reindeer - even the females have antlers! Or maybe a red fox.