Larry hopkins, visionary and founder of ananda hair studio, opened its doors in 1995. his goal was to create a space in asheville for artists to harness their strengths, to do great hair, and to give back to the community. It was important to be around other artists and to feed off of all the creative energy in this region. ananda west was born in april of 2013, and a natural spot was in the heart of the river arts district.

for almost 25 years, it’s been ananda’s mission to grow along with our vibrant community through education based styling with a sustainable product line, meaningful service, and partnerships with local organizations and non-profits. We want to be a part of the conscious community for the greater good that we serve. our goal is always to create a great experience , to serve, to educate, to inspire, and to help people feel amazing!

our founder, Larry hopkins, working his magic

our founder, Larry hopkins, working his magic

ananda endeavors to be a place where creativity blossoms and grows, and we encourage it at every chance we get! we host annual themed fashion shows centered around hair and enlist the help of local makeup artists and clothing designers to really make everything come together. we use this opportunity as a way to give back to our community and have ticket sales go towards a local charity that varies by year. we also volunteer our services for local non-profit events every year.


we believe that everyone, even the most experienced stylist, has room to grow. our stylists attend education every month hosted by other stylists, outside hair professionals, our lovely friends in the local hair industry, or anyone that we feel we have something to learn from! we aim to never stop growing and provide a nurturing environment for every member of our team.


we’re very service oriented here at ananda and strive to make everyone that walks through our doors feel like they’re a part of our family. we want everyone to feel loved, accepted, safe, and at home. we take pride in all of the little things we can do, like walking you to your car with an umbrella in the rain or feeding your meter for you during your service. that feeling we get when we really wow someone is the highlight of our day!


we love supporting local artists! we have a new artist at either location display their work every month or so, all mediums welcome- we’ve had pottery, paintings, pen and ink drawings, murals, collages, you name it. a reception is hosted on a saturday for every new artist to welcome them into the salon, open to the public for you to come peruse the art and hang out with us with some refreshments.


staying local is very important to us, and as such we try to do that in any way we can! we have a rotating selection of beer from various local breweries. our coffee is a special ananda blend from our friends at penny cup coffee, and the mugs we use for it are purchased from local potters as well. we’re always happy to support our fellow small businesses.