Grim Baransky

I am a coffee addicted roller derby athlete that has a penchant for Jim Carrey, loves cats, and who has a serious wanderlust. My brain craves new information, so I love to read- especially about color theory and personal development. My inspiration is derived from my art and design background in textile dyeing, clothing design, fabric manipulation and sculpture. 

What makes your hair brain sing? - I love cut and color, creating edgy new looks, revitalizing current styles and helping people avoid the “awkward” phases of growing out their hair.  My goal is to help people feel confident in their skin by transforming their hair. I thrive on new challenges, reaching hair goals, and helping people feel empowered and positive with their creative expression. 

Go-to davines Product: 

Oi Oil, YHA Definition Mist, and YHA Blowdry Primer.

What YOU love about ananda - I love the judgement-free atmosphere, and how creative expression is embraced and encouraged. 

Spirit Animal - Panther chameleon (Look it up! They are awesome!)