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the spotlight circle- for extraordinary shine during life's special moments, use spotlight circle before a party or important event. formulated with moringa oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins for hair that shines brilliantly.

the quick fix circle- for perfectly hydrated and smooth hair in no time, this is designed for those who are always in a hurry or going through a busy week. formulated with 100% natural red clay and hyaluronic acid to bind almost instantaneously to the hair structure and provide hydration.

the renaissance circle- repairing damaged hair and restoring health, shine and softness, this is designed for frequent users of hot tools, clients with chemically treated hair or swimmers often in the pool or sea. formulated with 100% natural yellow clay to reassemble the external structure of hair, and babassu butter, containing a high concentration of lauric acid and myristic acid to renourish.

the wake up circle- restoring energy and volume on dry and stressed scalp, this is designed for frequent travelers or nightlife enthusiasts. formulated with 100% natural purple clay, with minerals (kaolin and aluminum and rhodiola extract, to block harmful substance and rebalance against scalp stress.

the purity circle- purifying hair and scalp of environmental pollutants, heavy metals or free radicals, this is designed for those living or frequently traveling to heavily populated cities, and of course, those who simply need a detoxifying moment. formulated with 100% natural and Ecocert-approved bamboo charcoal, with intensely absorbent properties and matcha tea extract, rich in polyphenols to neutralize free radicals formed from pollution.

try the circle chronicles in salon or at home! we offer stand alone and multimask treatments as an add on to any service.