Charlotte Murphy

Charlotte Murphy

Master Stylist


Asheville for 15 years from Charleston, SC 


My personal philosophy in hair is about sustainability; what works for the client in terms of time, ability, and personal style.


How I implement my philosophy is to assess the client’s lifestyle and hair; work out a plan according to their needs and desires, then implement it. I like to check in with my clients each visit to reassess the plan, what is working, what is not and adjust accordingly.


I love creation and creativity. To see something be formed out of raw materials is awe inspiring. In hair I love formal styling; it is like architecture to me. I also love cutting hair which is more like sculpture. They are an interesting combination of building and taking away.


Laurant Phillipon is the hairstylist I follow for inspiration; his artistry is amazing and effortless. I find that my strongest influences come from history, fashion, architecture, nature and art...the flow of color though a painting or the line of a building. Give me a good period drama like Anna Karenina and I will be obsessed with the clothing and hair.

Favorite Book:

I cannot give you my favorite book but I can give you some of my favorite writers. Charles DeLint is my personal favorite writer, his specialty is urban fantasy. Lemony Snicket, for his sense of whimsy and turn of phrase; J.K. Rowling for the magic she brought with Harry Potter.

Favorite Restaurant:

I hate picking favorites as I feel it's too limiting and so subjective to how I feel on a particular day. Places I love to eat regularly are Chai Pani, Stoney Knob, Bouchon, Sunny Point, and Lemones.

What I love bout ananda:

I love the supportive atmosphere at ananda. We strive for excellence in education and we share that knowledge with each other.