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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and hues. At ananda hair studio, you can be who you are. We believe diversity is the root of creativity and is the beauty of our team, our clientele and our world. 

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at ananda hair studio, we've created a personalized booking system that values your individuality, your time, and your vision.


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Hourly Booking

Seamless Appointments: Hourly booking means your time is yours. Enjoy unhurried appointments where conversation and hair customization take center stage.

Custom Plan for Now and Later: Choose a duration that aligns with your desires and goals, be it a simple clean up hair trim, or a transformative style and color overhaul. Work with your stylist to create a plan for what you will do within the allotted time, as well as a plan for what you will do at home to maintain your desired style.

Empowering Staff: Hourly booking means our stylists enjoy a stable, supportive work environment, thanks to fair, predictable payment and unhurried appointments that foster creativity and care.

transparent pricing

Time based pricing: Our hourly billing is all-inclusive, which means you know your investment upfront, ensuring a serene and surprise-free visit.

Add-on-free: Your stylist will have a full consultation and customize your hair plan for the time booked without adding-on charges for the tools they need to complete your look.

Artistic Outcome: Your stylist has the ability to create a customized, collaborative service experience to best achieve your goals. 


No Post-Appointment Awkwardness: Forget the end-of-visit transaction and simply bask in the afterglow of your service.

Financial Ease: With gratuities out of the equation, you know ahead of time exactly what you are expected to pay.

Stylist Benefit: Stylists decide what they deserve to make as professionals based on their experience, education, skillset, and demand without relying on tips.

Inclusively Driven

Equality in Investment: Hair has no gender, and our pricing reflects this principle wholeheartedly: all genders pay the same hourly rate.

Affirming Appointments: Some of our stylists offer gender-affirming experiences, and cater to specific hair needs during transitional phases.

Equitable Experience: Enjoy an environment that honors diversity and fosters inclusivity of all genders, races, and hair types.

Sustainably Styled

Protecting the Planet: Through Green Circle Certification, we ensure our waste is either repurposed or processed harmlessly.

Clean, Green Practices: From recycling foils to transforming hair into pet bedding and oil-spill clean mats, ananda aims not only to prevent harm to our planet, but to actively improve it.

Products You Can Trust: ananda hair studio uses Davines hair products. Davines is a certified B-Corp, aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Eco-Conscious Pride: Enjoy your salon experience knowing that ananda respects our environment and cherishes our world.

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hourly booking with no hidden fees

We believe in not just crafting beautiful hairstyles, but also in fostering a world that's inclusive and kind. With us, every appointment is an affirmation of shared values and mutual respect.


what clients are saying

"Just moved here and needed a new stylist. Was really impressed with having the option to do a consultation, emailed pictures to my stylist of my current hair and what I was looking for and they were able to give me a real idea of if it was possible and number of hours required. She did an amazing job, was super transparent about the process and gave me info on what would be needed for future appts. Loved the overall vibe, gave me some great free samples to try of some great products and really appreciated the hourly all inclusive cost structure."  — Cody Bauman

"Love ananda hair studio- great staff, and I really appreciate their green/eco foot print!"   — Dr. LuLu Shimek

"Today was my first experience at Ananda. My first impression of the space was that it has an abundance of positive energy. I checked in with the extremely helpful receptionist and was offered a beverage as I made myself comfortable in the waiting area. I was greeted by my stylist and I immediately knew I was in the right place. My stylist's energy matched the experience from when I first walked through the door. They were knowledgable, professional and to top it all off she was an excellent listener. I’m very happy with my overall experience and I believe I’ve found my new hair spot. You all rock! Thank you 🙏"  —  William Rawlings

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